LightBase System

This is our own CMS (Content Management System) similar to WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. For simplicity, we call it LightBase. It has been derived from the Base system. Basically it is a simplified BASE System where only the required parts have been kept. For website purposes, the BASE System would be like using 250 tonne truck to deliver 1kg bag of sand.

LightBase is more secure. Its content is not public neither in a public domain so it makes it safer, and more difficult to compromise.

It is used to support our clients websites and allows the clients to edit their web pages with an ease. It provides user friendly uploader for photos, automatically makes thumbnails of them, and provides link to place the image to the content. There are available plugins, as blog and photo gallery.

The current version LightBase 3 is responsive and works on all devices with minor restrictions. The newest version LightBase version 4 is under development and will contain a new, more user friendly interface based on improved Twitters Bootstrap 3.