Baseline Industries IMS

  • removed papework
  • saved time
  • removed duoble handling
  • reduced amount of overdue jobs
  • control over timesheets
  • reduced working time of admin
  • automated invoicing out of the IMS
  • controlled documents in IMS
  • reminder for renewal of important licences
  • import work orders from PDFs
  • control over jobs
  • control over staff performance
  • scheduler for clients jobs
  • automated e-mails


Client had no computerised system, jobs were printed, staff took the paperwork, and returned it after he did the job. The story was written on the paper, and administrator officer had to type it to invoice. Typically staying back till 10pm, or working on the weekends. Nobody knew when job was overdue. There was no control over that.

What was achieved?

We build the system according to the clients requirements. The benefits are countless. We will highlight only the mayor ones.

  • business growth - from one national client increased to 6 new national clients
  • increased productivity
  • improved deliverables of the service


Business growth and sustainability can be achieved with the right system.